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Community Service Credit Union is excited to welcome a new, easier way to access your account, VIP (Very Important Palm). VIP allows CSCU customers to access their accounts using biometric Palm Verification (PV) technology. When using Palm Verification (PV), the palm vein pattern is used to authenticate your identity and quickly connect you to your financial accounts. Once your palm vein pattern is scanned, your profile information automatically displays on the tellers workstation in the branch.

Increased Security
• Vasular readings are unique for everyone and virtually impossible to forge.

• Vein patterns are under the skins surface and remain stable throughout a persons lifetime.

• Unlike fingerprint scanners; dirt, moisture, and even scraps/cuts will not affect a vascular reading.

• Members VIP data are securely encrypted and stored on a server locally at CSCU branches.
Improved Accuracy
• VIP scans over 5 million points in the customers vein pattern.

• VIP also detects blood flow to ensure scanned vein pattern is current and not a forgery attempt.

• Each user is verfied using a photo identification during the set-up process.
Added Convenience
• A VIP palm scan is completed in under 5 seconds.

• Users can be verified at a teller station without verbally needing to state account numbers, social security numbers, or other sensitive information.

• Palm Authentication also reduces teller keystrokes entering authentication data, eliminating search screens and inaccurate selections, minimizing errors and increasing the speed of transactions.
  Speak to a CSCU associate today about enrolling to use VIP Today!  

Enrolling to use VIP Palm Verification is quick, easy, and can be done at any CSCU branch. Speak to a Community Service Credit Union associate about getting enrolled to use our new VIP (Very Impressive Palm) system today!

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