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Online & Fraud Prevention Tips

Fraud Prevention Tips

In today’s world, our mobile devices rarely leave our sides. Technology is a deeply entrenched part of our everyday lives.  So it's vital we put precautions in place to protect our mobile devices, and more importantly, ourselves. Mobile devices should be treated just like wallets, credit cards, cash, or anything else of high importance and confidentiality.

  • Password protect all mobile phones – devices with a password are more difficult to access.
  • Use caution when on a public network – refrain from logging into the CSCU mobile app or apps with your confidential information on a public network; the network is not secure, and therefore more vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Only download applications from trusted sources – apps should be from an approved source and endorsed by your provider; refrain from enabling the “install from unknown sources” feature in mobile banking platforms using the Android operating system.
  • Avoid storing usernames and passwords on the mobile phone – Storing passwords may seem like a good idea, but should someone infiltrate your mobile device, they could potentially have access to ALL of your confidential information.
  • Notify CSCU and your wireless carrier immediately if your mobile phone is lost or stolen – CSCU can’t deactivate your device, but we can deactivate your CSCU Mobile account so that it can’t be accessed from any device.
  • Update your operating system – system updates may be painful (who likes change?), but often they include security updates that could offer more protection for your device.
  • Download and install antivirus software – No mobile device is 100% protected from viruses, spyware or malware. Take time to research what type, if any, of antivirus software would be best for your device.
  • Check account activity frequently – by logging into CSCU Online or CSCU Mobile daily and monitoring your account activity you could prevent or catch fraud on your account early. If you do notice some unusual activity, contact CSCU immediately.
  • Adopt safe practices modeled after those of your personal computer – you want to practice the same practices as when using your computer, such as not opening attachments or clicking on links contained in emails received from unfamiliar source. Additionally, with a mobile device, you should be wary and unresponsive to text messages from unknown sources that ask you to validate or confirm personal information.
  • Delete all personal information when trading in or getting rid of your phone – some providers will do this for you, but better safe than sorry; take a few minutes to transfer all your contacts, photos and delete anything confidential before getting your new device.


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