Active Scam Alert

Robo-call for fraudulent activity & blocked card

We’re aware of an active robo-call scam reportedly affecting some members today (07/19/2023). The call plays a recording message that indicates your credit union Mastercard has a fraudulent purchase detected and that your card has been declined and blocked until you call a certain number back to verify the purchase. Do not engage with this scam attempt.
Additional fraud resources

See below for tips regarding this particular scam & more. 

Here are a few important things to remember:

  • If you have a CSCU issued card, it is a VISA. We do not offer Mastercard products.

  • If you receive a true fraud alert from us, the call will come from 833-735-1891.

  • If you have a fraud concern on your CSCU Visa card, please call 833-735-1891 to file a report.

  • If you doubt the validity of any unusual or suspicious communication claiming to be from us, don’t engage or click any links.
  • Always text 936-207-2996 or call 936-295-3980 to speak with staff about your concerns and verify your account activity.