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Empower your kids and teens with real-world financial skills. Open a youth checking account and guide them towards smart spending and saving. Start their financial literacy journey today.


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Empower Your Finances with a CSCU Youth Checking Account

CSCU’s checking account for kids is specifically tailored for youth. Emphasizing the essentials of money management, it introduces vital financial tools and resources to young individuals eager to learn. It’s an ideal choice for kids and teens starting their financial experience and education.

  1. Educational Resources for Financial Mastery: Youth gain access to interactive online platforms such as Zogo and EverFi, offering comprehensive lessons and helping them understand and manage their finances effectively.
  2. Independence Through Debit Card with Rewards: With their own debit card, kids and teenagers learn the importance of financial responsibility. The added bonus of UChoose rewards provides an incentive for smart spending and saving habits.
  3. Guidance and Oversight from Parents: Easy transfer and monitoring options for parents ensure a balanced approach to financial learning, allowing them to guide their kids’ spending and saving decisions.

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Take the next step in financial responsibility with CSCU’s Youth and Teen Checking Account. Serving young individuals in Walker, San Jacinto, Trinity, Houston, Madison, and Grimes County, Texas, we’re here to support your financial growth. Visit our branches or schedule an appointment to open your account and start your journey with a supportive financial partner.

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Can a minor establish their own CSCU Youth Checking or Savings account?

Minors must have the signature approval of a parent or legal guardian to open a Youth Checking or Savings account.

Does the Youth Checking account include debit card access?

Yes! Our Youth Checking account includes debit card access anywhere Visa is accepted.