Youth Accounts

Setting up for success

Getting a good financial foundation is something we want to see for youth today. From education tools to training accounts, we've got options that could help build a solid foundation.

Functional Checking & Savings for minors

Our Checking & Savings accounts are available to customize for minors ages 9 and up. Learning to use a debit card and set aside money into savings is great practice for navigating finances later as an adult. Once the young member ages into legal adulthood, the youth account will automatically make the transition with them. 

We are very excited about adding a potential new youth to our credit union membership. At this time, online account opening for minors ages 17 and under is unavailable. To apply for minor accounts, please visit a CSCU branch. If you are 17 years old or younger, you will need your parent or guardian to assist you and to provide their own information as a Joint Owner of your account. 

Talk to a Personal Banker about an early start today!

TUTMA Accounts

A head start on savings

A Texas Uniform Transfer to Minor’s Account—TUTMA— is a savings account set up for a minor by someone older than 21 who serves as the account custodian. This account is typically established by a parent, legal guardian, or grandparent for children from birth through age 17. To apply for a TUTMA account, please visit a CSCU branch. Talk to our staff and start saving for your child’s future!

TEXT: 936-295-3980

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Can a minor establish their own CSCU Youth Checking or Savings account?

Minors must have the signature approval of a parent or legal guardian to open a Youth Checking or Savings account.

Does the Youth Checking account include debit card access?

Yes! Our Youth Checking account includes debit card access anywhere Visa is accepted.