Above & Beyond Savings Protection

We are pleased to report that your deposit accounts at CSCU are insured up to $1,000,000 through a combination of federal insurance and private insurance.

NCUA & ESI Insurance

A combination of federal insurance provided by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and private insurance from Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI) is how CSCU can assure members’ security with an exceptional level of insurance.

CSCU members are currently covered in combination by the NCUA for up to $250,000 and ESI for up to $750,000.  


The NCUA is an independent agency of the United States Government that regulates, charters, and supervises federal credit unions. NCUA also operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, the NCUSIF insures the accounts of millions of account holders in all federal credit unions and the vast majority of state-chartered credit unions. Share insurance coverage offered through the NCUSIF protects members against losses if an federally insured credit union should fail.

The NCUA’s basic federal coverage insures CSCU members’ deposits up to $250,000.  


ESI is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Share Insurance, a credit union-owned private deposit insurer founded in 1974 by credit unions, for credit unions. As a property and casualty insurer, ESI is subject to licensing and regulation by the state insurance department. Furthermore, the company’s financial statements are audited annually by an independent CPA firm and are available upon request through the credit union. ESI is not a federal or state government agency. ESI’s Excess Share Insurance is adds additional protection to the deposit accounts of members.

The ESI excess coverage insures CSCU members’ deposits up to $750,000.