Holiday Skip-a-Pay is back!

Support the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County while you catch your breath through our Holiday Skip-a-Pay program now through January 2024.

Last year, participating members donated more than $16,000 in fees!

Give yourself a break on your next qualifying loan payment with our Skip-a-Pay program and give back to your community all at the same time! 

Qualifying members may skip one or two payments during November, December, or January for a fee of $25 for each month skipped. The entire amount of the fee will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Walker County.

Important Note

Skip Reminder for Auto Loans

If you plan to skip payments on an auto loan, please check with your GAP insurance carrier to determine how Skip-a-Pay may affect your coverage. 


*Skipping loan payments will extend the term of the loan(s) and interest will accrue on the deferred balance of the loan(s) throughout the deferred payment period. Except for the skipped payment and the resulting change to the payment schedule, all other payment terms of your Loan Agreement/Promissory Note remain unchanged and in full force and effect. All loans must have a minimum of twelve (12) months payment history to be eligible for the Skip-a-Payment program. Outside of special promotions, Skip-a-Payments are limited to one (1) skip per loan in any twelve (12) month period, subject to approval. All of your accounts at CSCU must be current with no collection action pending. Any credit life and/or disability insurance on the loan may extend protection beyond the original maturity date of the loan(s). For auto loan payments, please check with your GAP insurance carrier to determine how Skip-a-Payment may affect your coverage. Refer to the account and loan disclosures agreements. Contact us at 936-295-3980 or stop by a location close to you for any questions you may have.